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The Ohio State University, Ph.D. (1992)

Specialty : Animal Behavior, Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Hsu, Minna J.


886-7-5252000 Ext:3623
FAX: 886-7-5253609

Research projects


Population ecology and behavioral ecology of non-human primates.
2 Population ecology and phylogenetic relationships of freshwater crabs.
3 Wildlife conservation.



Agoramoorthy G and Hsu MJ*. 2005. Occurrence of infanticide among wild proboscis monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) in Sabah, Northern Borneo, Folia Primatologica 76, 177-179.


Hsu MJ, Chen L-M and Agoramoorthy G. 2005. The vocal repertoire of Formosan macaques: Acoustic structure and behavioral context, Zoological Studies 44, 286-305.


Agoramoorthy G and Hsu MJ. 2005. Borneo’s proboscis monkey—a study of its diet of mineral and phytochemical concentrations, Current Science 89, 454-457.


Hsu MJ, Selvaraj K. and Agoramoorthy G. 2006. Taiwan’s industrial heavy metal pollution threatens terrestrial biota, Environmental Pollution 143, 327-334.


Hsu MJ, Chen L-M and Agoramoorthy G. 2006. Effects of group size on infant mortality, birth rate and social interaction among Formosan macaques at Mt Longevity, Taiwan. Ethology Ecology and Evolution 18, 3-17.



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