Paper Submission

Authors should submit a high quality copy of an abstract including the following :
(1) the title of a paper (2) author name(s) and affiliation(s), (3) the corresponding author's name and title, (4) his/her postal address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address, (5) a 300-word abstract including brief backgrounds, objectives, methods and results, (6) several keywords, (7) a contribution type (long or short paper) and (8) a presentation type (oral or poster). The inclusion of figures in the abstract is not recommended. Papers, which have been published in another form elsewhere in either English or any other languages, are also welcome if they are reconstructed from new aspects.

Paper Presentation & Publication

  • The program committee will evaluate your proposals. Due to limited speaker slots, some papers may be accepted as poster presentations. All abstracts accepted will require one or more of the authors to attend the conference for the presentation.
  • The camera-ready manuscript should be 2 to 6 pages in length. The paper as poster presentations should be typed on a single sheet of plain A0 (841 x 1189 mm).
  • We do not have copyright form because we did not apply ISBN codes this time.
  • Abstract and camera-ready manuscript must be submitted to the ONLINE PAPER SUBMISSION SYSTEM.
  • If you receive the acceptance letter, please cover your original file and don't submitt again to avoid that one paper has two paper ID.
  • If there has any question, please contact: